BYI; I am not talkative, and often avoid socialising. || English is not my first language, so I may misunderstand some phrases || Don't jokingly insult me if we're not close / I don't know you. I make kys and self deprecating jokes to friends often (I'll stop if you tell me to.)
DNI; I don't have a DNI, though if you fit the Basic DNI criteria, get out. Mainly I'll ignore you if I find you weird.
NOTE; I am very forgetful because of illness reasons that i won't disclose for my comfort.
...BIG Luv... ● 10:50 PM
MARIKINONLINE4, POKEMON, AvA / AvM, Doodle World, Stickfig Medias, VOCALOID & UTAU, TOUHOU, Object Shows, TF2, L4D2, +More

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...BIG Nuh... ● 2:20 AM
Beans & nuts, wild rats, sudden loud sounds, over-socialising, overly sensitive people, people who are jerks in general w

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Fsakin, Purple(AVM)
Tame Mene, victim, SD. V, Nene (PJSK), Kyoko Sakura, Yae Miko, Drifloon,

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Jack(MO4), Marikin, Syumitaro, The Second Coming, Orange(AvM), Cocoa Cookie, Drifloon line, Porygon line. ...Puppy Jack.

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Rory in early 20s, Guchiry, Hizumi Rei, ZUN, Axez, T4K0Y4K1, seaside_metro, GABU, rhythmy, The Neighbourhood, MARETU